Hello! After two posts introducing the tools and places to buy materials, are you ready to start doing something? I guess ….no, that’s why today I’m here to share a tutorial on making a simple iPad mini case.

Why iPad but not any other items?

Firstly, I am an Apple Fan, so mostly my products are designed for use with Apple products and of course for myself to use too if nobody wants to buy it! 😉

Secondly, as mentioned in the title, it is a simple case –yes very simple to show you the basics of this handicraft work.

Okay, lets start !

1. Measure the size of iPad mini

Height: 7.87” (20cm), Width: 5.3” (13.5cm), Depth: 0.28” (0.72cm)

This is the most important and must-do thing for every sewing product if you don’t want after finish, you can not use for your purpose ( an iPad mini) !

ipadmini 3-2


2. Draw and cut in paper 

We are going to do the case horizontally, with the seams in both sides.

The width of the case will be: 20cm+0.5×2= 21cm Imagine when you put the iPad into the case, because it is not flat, we should remember to calculate the depth.

As i mentioned above, measurement is very important step, if you make a mistake, you could not use it for your purpose, that means you maybe have a small notebook case instead of iPad mini case


So, I go for the size: 22cm x 14cm

The iPad case will have two sides: front (14 cm height), back (14cm height) and the flap (around 9cm height) to cover the front.


paper copy


3. Now, cut this paper case and apply to leather

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.54.37 PM


4. Then, on both edges, use the hole puncher to punch the hole

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.55.37 PM



5. Stich 2 sides together

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.00.48 PM


When sewing, don’t tighten too much, there will be wrinkles, and if its too loose , it won’t look nice.

6. Finally, we’ll make a leather strap to wrap around, protect the case and make it look nicer.

And, hurraaaa…..this is how the product looks.

Ipad mini case (2)




Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


By DoDaLeather


  1. AndyReply

    It is very useful ! Im a beginner in leather handmade so i am definately like this post. The pictures are funny but the content is not hilarious :). Moreover, you re doing your best 🙂

  2. MarkReply

    This is so cool! I have to show it to my friend who would love this DIY kind of thing. It seems that this isn’t so difficult to do.

  3. YuliyaReply

    Ni, thanks for this tutorial. I would like to try it more and more. I think that this is an amazing hobby and eventually it will be a good business. I am waiting more posts about how to do these nice things.

  4. LeoraReply

    Thanks for sharing this how-to post! All your items look great, and it’s amazing that you know how to make all this stuff. I would love to make my own purses – saves the cost of retail prices 🙂

    • adminReply

      Hi Leora, thanks so much for your compliment. I hope this will help you to have some idea to make ur own purse 😉

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