Hi bag lovers, how is your week going ?

I’ve been a bag person for a while. Even though I can make a handbag for myself, I sometimes still go for another bag if it looks nice and unique. I think carrying a nice and unique bag can make everything you’re wearing look better.

This week I am going to review one of the Michael Kors products in the MICHAEL line which is the Selma Medium Top Zip Satchel.


In general, the pros and cons about this product are:

Pros: durable, easy to clean, fashionable.

Cons: expensive, not really unique.

Most bag lovers know Michael Kors, one of the high-end brands with reasonable prices compared to other brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Celine, etc.

Firstly, I will mention something about the brand. Michael Kors has 3 product lines, which are the “MICHAEL” by Michael Kors, “KORS” by Michael Kors and the main Michael Kors line.

I think Michael Kors has done a poor job of creating a unique identity for their budget line apart from their main line. It’s hard to tell the difference between these product lines because they have a similar aesthetic.

Secondly, I will look at the material and price.

This bag is made from Saffiano leather and the price is $CA476.

What is Saffiano leather? This is a sort of textured leather; the way to make this kind of leather is by stamping on the leather with a machine in order to create a texture. It’s easy to clean and durable.

The price is not bad compared to KORS or Michael Kors product lines, which have a medium price of $CA1000 but it is still expensive for those consumers who are students or have a medium wage.


This style of bag has a classic silhouette. Like most of the brand, this fancy bag has a golden lettered logo on the front for easy brand recognition.

The bag has 2 small pockets and a zip pouch which is convenience for a girl who wants to keep many things in her bag like makeup, keys, coins, notes and so on. Also with double handles and a shoulder strap, there are options to carry the bag by hand or on the shoulder.



Regarding the size, it fits a MacBook Air 11”, so it’s good for those who like to carry a laptop when hanging out but still want to have a fashionable look.

Overall, it’s a good and fashionable bag and that’s why these days it’s easy to see that everyone has a Michael Kors bag. But in my personal opinion, it’s not particularly unique. It’s better to have something different, like one you’ve designed and made by yourself!!! 🙂


  1. AliciaReply

    I agree with you 100% Ni! I myself love Michael Kors especially his watches however just as same with the bags there is nothing unique in the past couple released lines. The changes made do not warrant the change in price tag. I have made attempts to purchase a bag but then I see several ladies walking around with the same handbag and that for me is a major turnoff. I love unique or as close as possible to unique as I can get. I should have you make me a handbag 🙂

  2. CelineReply

    Great post Ni! Thanks for your details of advantages and disadvantages of MK. I feel you really understand your competitors! I believe that your business will be more successful than MK, LV, etc. one day!

  3. KatieReply

    Thanks for explaining the pros and cons of the hangbag, Ni. I also agree with you that the design is great and contemporary, but for me having the text ‘MICHAEL KORS’ emblazened across the bag is a bit of a turn off. I think that with such an obviously branded bag, you risk looking somewhat of a clone. I also don’t like the gold typography, because it’s clearly not gold! That said, the design is gorgeous – I love the boxy shape and it’s good to know that the bag includes pockets for every girls needs. Without seeing the bag and touching the leather it’s hard to tell the quality, but the photos you’ve taken look very nice indeed!

    • adminReply

      Thanks Kate, Me either, I don’t like the gold logo on the bag, the bag design is good but I dont like the feel of saffiano leather . I feel it looks like fake leather even though its not 🙂

  4. YuliyaReply

    Ni, I agree with you, that it is better to create smth and be different. Have you thought about create bags if the customer will give you his/her own design on paper?

  5. AinoaReply

    Great review Ni! I think that the bag is nice but it lacks personality… I don’t know it doesn’t say anything to me. At the same time, the price has surprised me! Is the leather very good quality or is just the brand?

    • adminReply

      Thanks Ainoa. I can’t 100% sure the leather is good quality. In my opinion, I don’t like the feeling of texture from saffiano, that made its easy to clean, but it looks like fake

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