Are you new in Toronto and struggling to find supplier for your DIY work, especially in the sewing field? This article will help you to save your time.

Let walk through Queen St. West, it is called the Fashion District of Toronto. There are hundreds of fabric stores, which fulfill every DIY need.

I am happy to share the entire list of good suppliers that I’ve spent a couple weeks to go around and check, and here is the list that I recommend:

1. Leather and Sewing Supply Depot

Leather & Sewing

In my opinion, this is an amazing place to buy leather supplies as well as other materials and DIY tools. They have all kind of buckles, hooks, snaps, zippers and bunch of things that are sold by piece or in a set.The price is reasonable and services are incredible. They can explain patiently every question that you are wondering; also they provide repairing and making things services. For example, to a beginner, if you want to make a product with a snap button on it but you don’t have a tool nor know how to make it, just go there and ask them. It’s only about $1.00 including the button and wage. The special tool is really expensive for those who just want to make their own product to use for themselves, not for selling.

2. King Textiles


Their three- storey shop which is 22,000 square feet located in the heart of the Fashion District provide tons of fabrics and related accessories to choose. The service is friendly and experienced staffs are helpful in giving recommendations about fabrics as well as other connected retailers.

3. Fabrics by Designers


Like other fabrics stores, they have a great variety of fabrics but you can have a cheaper price comparing to other store on Queen St., especially if you buy in bulk, you will get a discount from them.

4. Tandy Leather


This huge supplier has many factories all over Canada. They have all kind of leather and tools to work with. The staff is helpful; they are willing to answer any question and assist in finding what you need. The special thing here is you can become a member to get a substantial discount on your purchase

5. Michaels Art and Craft Store



They have many locations in Toronto and not only provide sewing materials but also jewelry making and other DIY things. This store seems to have almost everything you need to be a crafter. However, the price is a bit expensive and service is not as friendly. But this place is a must-place to explore if you like handicrafts.

By DoDa Leather 


  1. AinoaReply

    As a newcomer, I find this post very informative and useful. Sometimes, you need to buy something but you don’t know where to go or if you are paying a fair price. Now, I have a better idea where to go to buy good materials for a good price for my DIY, here in Toronto. Thank you!

  2. CelineReply

    Hey Ni, thank your for sharing these stores to us. After reading your last blog, I am wondering that where I can buy materials.This blog just give me what I need!

  3. YuliyaReply

    Thank you for you useful post. I also new in Toronto and I understand you, how sometimes very hard to find useful shops. You can visit also next shops: FabricFabric and Fabricland.

    • adminReply

      Thanks for sharing Yulia, I know that place too 🙂 I hope you have time to explore and try new thing in Toronto.

  4. BhumikaReply

    This is a great DIY list for not only leather workers, but anyone interested in learning more about sewing and crafts. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew; I even have a sewing machine that I have regrettably never set up… just feels like a hobby that takes up a lot of time- especially because I know I wouldn’t be very good at it at first!

    Do you have a list of people that teach classes on how to sew? That would be almost as helpful for someone new to the game like me!

    • adminReply

      Hi Bhumika, i used to have a sewing machine too, i love making clothes, and bags. I started doing bags by sewing machine with my old jeans. And, for your question, unfortunately, I dont know any people that teach sewing. You can search on google maybe ? But if you would like to learn, I can show u some basics:)

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