Hi everyone, for who is interested in handcrafted, especially in leatherwork. I would like to show you some of must- have items you should buy before starting.

Now, let check it out:

1. Needle


When thinking about sewing, this thing should come first in your mind, isn’t it? So I think needle is one of the decent priority kit. To stich leather stuffs, I choose the Saddles needle or Glovers needle which are designed to cut through tough fabrics, making them ideal for leather. And the size I always use is 5. A pack of 6 needles is about 3-5$.

2. Linen thread

What next comes to your mind secondly after needle? Thread, yes! You should choose linen thread and my recommend size is 6. Remember, linen one, not the regular one.

There are thousands color to choose, but I go for medium brown. This is because most of my products are brown, from light to dark. So medium I think is the good choice for both of light and dark brown leather. One skein is approximate 5$


3. Steel Ruler



Ruler is necessary and also one of the important things for sewing work. To measure the size of the product, I choose the steel one which unit are cm and mm. You can choose the inch measurement, but most of ruler has both of these measurement units. Price for it is about 8 to 20$ depend on the length and quality.

4. Pencil


Pencil or any kind of pen is work for drafting a product. Before cutting leather, I usually draw in paper, so to me pencil is indispensable

5. Paper

Beside pencil/ pen, of course you need a paper for drafting/ drawing a form/model for your product. But what kind of paper we should use? Let go for the thick or hard one. So from that you can use it modeling your product before doing in leather. Besides that, after cutting the form/ model for your product in paper, you will apply it to leather. So, thick one is better choice !


6. Scissors

It is easy to find any good one in any clothing material shop. Let ask for the scissor which is used for leatherwork. Price is about 15$-30$

leather scissor


7. Overstitch wheel (adjustable)

Because we are not using sewing machine, and leather is thick, not like other simple fabrics, so you need to create a line with holes in the leather surface, it helps you can stitch properly and easily. Depend on the seam, there are many sizes for the wheel, the “6 stiches per inch ” seems ok to me. Price for it is about 5- 10$


8. Hole punch

As I mentioned above, leather is thick; you cannot stitch it without punching a hole. There are many kinds and sizes for hole puncher depend on your needs and design. To sew a light and thin seam, the choice is size 1mm. That is my favorite seam size. Price is about 7$- 20$ for a set of 9 pieces (9 sizes)

hole punch 2 hole punch 1

9. Poly-Head Mallet Medium


The regular hammer drives your family and neighbours crazy with the noise when u are punching. So, I go for this poly-head hammer because it can reduce the noise of punching. It is really useful for leatherwork, believe me! You don’t want to be annoyed when somebody knock your door to give complain and ask for stopping, especially when you are living in a condo. Price is in the range of 10-20$ depend on the size and quality or brand.

10. Leather

Depend on your budget, there are many kinds of leather, for starting/ learning and saving money, my advice is you should choose imitation leather, it is much cheaper and for practicing before you decide to do in genuine leather.



If you have any question about material or how to use tools, in my knowledge I will answer you clearly. Please give me your idea/ comment or any participation are welcome 😉

By DoDa Leather. 



  1. AndyReply

    Yes, it is true when you try to punch the holes at night and you are living in an apartment. Next day, i got a complain from the neighbour 🙁

  2. Amir @ Not So Literary!Reply

    As a huge fan of your work, I didn’t know that there’s more tools needed in creating leather products than just scissors, leather, needle and thread! I agree with you on using imitation leather first to practice, especially since genuine leather can be expensive. I think it’s great that you’re sharing your knowledge with us and you also mentioned budget-friendly options. Looking forward to your other post Ni!

    • adminReply

      Hi Amir, these are only basic tools, still have more that I cannot mention all of them in this post. I hope you enjoy this post 🙂

  3. TatiReply

    Ni, first of all I want to say that your blog looks so stylish and totally reflects your amazing work, as all those leather products that you make are not just beautiful and stylish, they have personality and soul. When I look at them, I want everything and right now ☺ I always knew that behind the impressive result there is a huge work, but I couldn’t imagine that it’s so much effort… I can’t even assume that such thing as overstitch wheel exists in this world (btw it looks very cool), but the poly-head mallet took my heart: it’s so bright and tiny (hammer for me is smth heavy and ugly, but this one is completely opposite). Even when I’m sure that will never be able to do anything handcrafted, I really enjoy reading your blog, as I’m always curious of the process how talented people could make all that beauty))) Looking forward for other incredible insights ☺

  4. AryanaReply

    Ni, I really enjoyed this blog post! Your blog is so unique and interesting, and I love how creative you are. By outlining the tools and referencing the process and steps, you have made is sound so much easier to do than I could have imagined. You made a very good suggestion with not using real leather your first few attempts. A project like this seems much more realistic for even beginners now! I can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us.

    • adminReply

      Thanks Aryana, I hope you enjoy the blog, I started doing handmade from simple fabrics and understand for whom that love leather working but don’t want to waste leather at the first attempt.

  5. AliciaReply

    Ni, your products are amazeballs! I wasn’t aware that they were handsewn because the finish is soo neat. I don’t even want to begin to imagine the time it takes to do even the smallest of items. Glad to know you decided to share your craft with us – mt grandmother often said its good to know a craft but I always seem to start and then get bored lol.
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!
    Oh quick thought, you could probably also do a class 🙂

    • adminReply

      Hi Alicia, thanks for your compliment. I would like to share everything I know and willing to help everyone who like handcrafts like me. Opening a class is such a good idea but I’m not sure I can be a good instructor. I hope this blog can help 🙂

  6. Taylor FlemingReply

    I absolutely love your blog! I think it’s so unique and you clearly have both talent and passion for leatherwork. There’s so much time and effort that goes into your your products! It’s truly unbelievable. I’ve never really stopped to admire a bag and the kind of detail that goes into one. How much time would you say goes into a bag on average? Really enjoying your blog!

  7. Katie HoughtonReply

    Hi Ni, I am loving your blog! While I really appreciate great design, I’ve never actually taken the steps to creating my own products. I still think I’ll leave it up to the professionals as I don’t think I have the patience or the precision. I also really like the concise instructions and tips – who knew there were condo-friendly mallets out there?! Lastly, I really like the design and layout of your site and the photography – simply gorgeous.

  8. YuliyaReply

    Ni, thank you for sharing. After reading your blog, I decided that after two months I will buy everything and will try to do it. Thank you for explanation in details.:-)

  9. AleeciaReply

    Hi Ni. Great post! I absolutely love crafts and use to do it a lot. Your work is amazing and thank you for sharing the tools you use to achieve your awesome looks. Your getting me in the mood to create again!

  10. CelineReply

    You are a such ingenious girl! Not only your blog, but also your leather products are unique and stylish. And your spirit and story also encourage people who want to realize their dreams. Actually, I want to make a Fathers Day gift by hand. This blog inspire me to make a leather laptop bag for my dad. Thanks for your tips that we should start with imitation leather which is good for practice first.

  11. Geoff CookReply

    At my last apartment, my neighbours above would hammer things late at night. I couldn’t figure out if they were punching holes in leather or getting mad assembling IKEA furniture. Whatever the reason, thank you for outlining the 10 tools and materials needed to make leather products. You’ve given away a few of your secrets, though by the looks of it, you’ve hands have a lot of talent and practice.

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