Hi everyone, today DODA had a pleasure to meet Alice Dang who is a DIY blogger from timarose.com. Alice enjoys blogging and creative activities.


We had a very absorbing conversation about DIY, handmade works. We discussed many things about fashion, handmade, leather bags and blogging. There were some interesting things DODA ‘ve just discovered from Alice. Let’s check it out 😉

  1. Hi Alice, what made you into DIY? 

Whenever I’m free, I have to do something. At first it was drawing randomly on the paper while spacing out in class (laugh). Also maybe because of my busy life, I was constantly on the move and eventually DIY became my pleasure, favorite hobby. I love to be creative while having fun and it simply brought me happiness.

  1. So, what was the first thing that you made? Can you explain the process and why did you decide to do that product?

Hmmm… I made for myself a complete scarf when I was a first year university student. It was my first DIY product.
That was the time I wanted to buy a scarf for winter but I couldn’t make the buying decision anywhere …so I decided to make my own scarf instead. Then I watched a lot of YouTube video and browsed books at Indigo of how to knit a scarf.

  1. Wow, cool. I think I saw it somewhere in your blog :). Do you think it’s difficult and take a lot of time when doing DIY? Have u ever given up when u made a mistake?

It is definitely take a lot of time in the beginning. It was not easy since I was not used to the task. And sometimes it takes years and a lot of practices until the things I made look better and useable (laugh).

Yes, I gave up a lot of times before. However, I always come back since I found love in what I did.

  1. If someone gives you a gift that made by him/herself and a gift, which is bought from a store but it is more expensive and very popular, which one do you prefer?

Hmm I think I would love the gift that they made by themselves more. It says that they must like me a lot for spending time to make me something.

  1. I agree. So to you, what is important for a handmade product? Fashionable, Trendy, Durable, Stylish or Functional? Why?

I do not think it is about the products. You can make the best product in the world but no one care about it. The user is more important. That is why every company has a persona embedded in their products. You should consider whom you make it for first. Then everything comes along, if they want it to be trendy or functional.

  1. Do you think we should use vegan leather instead of genuine leather?

I think it is a great idea even though I have never heard about vegan leather. Nowadays everyone wants to be healthy and happy that why organic food can make so many profits, furthermore vegan leather supports animal protection from illegal hunting and killing. I think you should go for it.

  1. Do you have any advice for whom that wants to start doing handmade?

Start with simple projects first and finish whatever you were doing before going to the next one. Be patient and learn to manage your time well.

  1. Very nice. Thanks so much for sharing with us. It’s really nice meeting you Alice, hope to see you next time 😉

You are very welcome. Very nice to meet you too. See u later 😉


It’s really nice of Alice to share us her story, so for whom that loves handmade/ DIY works, just do what you like, even when you make mistake, be patience, you can do it better next time 😉

Remember, We Can Do It !!!







  1. LeoraReply

    I think Alice’s advice of finishing something before starting your next project is valuable. It can be hard to keep going with a piece that is hard or time consuming, but most often you feel a lot more accomplished once you have completed projects instead of plenty of unfinished things.

  2. CelineReply

    Are there huge differences between vegan leather and genuine leather? do they have similar hand feeling? do they have similar glossiness? do they have similar durability?

    Getting animal fur by illegal hunting is cruel ! I hate it, and will never buy fur articles.(like fox or marten). I believe: when the buying stops, the killing can too.

    However, I feel that using cow leather is not a matter.

  3. Bhumika PatelReply

    I like Alice’s advice about creating for the buyer rather than creating for one’s self. When you work with the consumer and try to create a product that they will enjoy, you’re more likely to show that you’re more than a business. Furthermore, the buyer becomes an advocate for your business because you gave them a great buying experience.

  4. Amir @ Not So Literary!Reply

    What a great interview Ni! I love the photos too 🙂 I didn’t know that there’s vegan leather now…is it more expensive than actual leather? It’s actually very interesting and I agree with what she said that you should definitely try it! Even if it doesn’t work out for you, at least you tried. Again, awesome interview Ni!

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