Hello my dear DIYers!

This post is somehow different at the beginning. While I was writing this post, I found a very interesting and popular blog which is Blog Free People, it has many tutorials about DIY from fashion to beauty, from food to decoration.

As you know, I love handmade items, especially creating something unique and special. I have been thinking about this project for so long. Most things I learned by looking for tutorials on the Internet, trying to do by myself, and of course … making mistakes then trying again.

Since I started following this interesting blog, their creative and free-mind team inspired me a lot. They provide very clear and organized information with beautiful step-by-step photos. Also, most of the DIY things that they show are vintage style, which is simple to make quickly.

As I didn’t have much time, I had to do something quick but which still looks good, and that I wouldn’t have to use any kind of glue to make. So, this week I will show you how I can easily make a leather passport holder in 10 minutes!


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Items you need are:

Paper, Scissor, Leather, Hole Punch, Poly-head Hammer and Button.

As usual, if you don’t understand anything, just ask, and I’ll be happy to answer!

Passport holder tutorial

Picture 1

Cut the pattern in paper following the size of your passport, as I measured, the width should be 22cm and the height should be 14cm. This is for the front side, same with the back side which has two parts, 10cm x 14cm as you can see in Picture 1

Trace this pattern in leather, then cut (Picture 2)

Passport holder

Picture 2

So, in first 5 minutes, you can finish half of the way to make your leather passport holder. Next step, you just need to stitch both two sides together by using buttons.

All you need to do is use the hole puncher to make four holes in each side( Picture 3), then use the poly-head hammer to punch the button to stitch it together (Picture 6).

Passport holder

Picture 3



Passport Holder

Picture 4


Passport holder

Picture 5a 

Passport holder

Picture 5b

Passport holder

Picture 6

So, we can finish all the buttons in one side ( Picture 7), lets finish on the other side !

Passport holder

Picture 7

And yes, you can make your passport holder in 10 minutes!!!

Passport Holder

Picture 8



  1. CelineReply

    Very interesting blog Ni! I like it. But I think only the person as ingenious as you can make a passport holder within 10 mins. For me, it’s impossible ~

  2. Josh WahlerReply

    What a cool concept for a blog post! With pictures and some simple instructions you did a great job of showing how someone could make the passport holder. It looks like it would be quite fun to make and it’s neat that in just 10 minutes you can create something that looks nice and that you can get a lot of use out of.

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