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I think most of people, who love vintage fashion styles, will know about the ‘Urban Outfitters’ fashion brand. It is the American clothing corporation for men and women. They also have beauty and accessories as well as furniture from bohemian, hipster, retro and vintage style.

To me who love DIY, handmade or vintage styles will be interested in the style from UO. UO has a very nice blog for their fans/ customers, which is providing many cool and creative things from photography, film camera, music player, furniture and fashion.

Their blog is not trying to persuade reader to buy their products but give them the interesting story behind each product.

I was impressed some of the posts about DIY, one of them are showing reader how to pack for traveling


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.33.57 PM


In this post, depending on the trip, for the beach or city travel or on the train, there has different type of packing, UO gives such a good advice and very smart advertising for their products including in the content.

Another interesting post is “Feature Brands: Quay” which is an interview with Quay – an Australia sunglasses brand. And of course, as always, UO is using this type of post to introduce this brand to new customer as well as let them know that UO is providing these products on their store.



Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.49.42 PM


Overall, from the design, content, color and the entire wonderful pictures, everything is drawing exactly what UO are doing. It reflects exactly the style they are providing.

However, the UO blog would be better if they have categories which give reader a clearly path to go through.

For example, if I am only interested in DIY, I just want to click on the DIY folder and read all the post from that. Moreover, a related links should be given to make connection between related contents; it helps reader spending more time on the blog. The last thing, I would say the search on the blog doesn’t work perfectly, when I was trying to type “DIY”, there was no post about it, but it clearly has some posts for that keyword.

How about DoDa Blog, what you like and don’t like ? Please give us your comment so we can improve ours.
Hope you enjoy this post 🙂


  1. YuliyaReply

    It seems interesting blog. I like the idea of creating pictures. But I don’t like the navigation on that blog because it is too complicated.

  2. DannyReply

    That was a really great point about navigation bars set up to help make reading easier. I dislike when I need to scroll through everything just to find a few posts that interest me. Great review.

    • adminReply

      Thanks Danny, I agreed, I dont like to scroll up and down to find what I want to read. It’s better to have a good navigation 🙂

  3. KashishReply

    Clearly navigation on a site plays a big role because no one wants to simply spend time on what they do not want to see! Great post!

  4. Amir @ Not So Literary!Reply

    I like Urban Outfitters but I admit that I’ve never checked out their blog before. I would have to agree about the categories, it would be a lot easier for readers to browse their post if they are organized. I love the photos you shared from their blog though, especially the DIY ones. Thanks for sharing Ni, I’m going to check them out 🙂

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